New Caterers Join Sports Club

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Brighton Sports and Social Club recently announced that they have taken on new caterers, AD Catering services. The new caterers are led by Adele Daniels and Rob Newbould both of whom have a lot of experience in catering. They started working for the team in August 2015 and so far they have received excellent reviews.

the party venue at russel way
In addition to hiring new caterers the club has also rebranded what was formerly known as the Function Room. It is now known as the Party Venue at Russell Way and it will be catering for all kinds of events including weddings, corporate events, parties and dinners. The venue already has several bookings for the last few months of the year and Adele expects that they will be rather busy. In late October they will be hosting the ‘70’s band Never Too Late and all are welcome to come and see them play. A ticket is only £8 and you can expect to enjoy a hot supper provided by Adele’s catering team.

There will also be a big event on Bonfire Night and if you want to attend, you should get your tickets in advance – the event is quite popular and it is expected that there will be a rush for the tickets. The event on 28th of November is also expected to attract many people – the soul duo Ultimate Voices will be performing. On New Year’s Eve you can expect to be entertained by one of the best party bands, The Void. You can find more details about these events in the Brighthouse Echo in the early weeks of November. For those who want to buy tickets in advance, there are still some available in the club.

As you can see, the Party Venue at Russell Way is rather booked but there are still dates available, according to Adele. In order to accommodate more parties, the venue will be putting similar corporate parties in one room.

You can find out more by calling Adele on 07432156335

This Friday, the club will be hosting a tribute to Holly Murs. James McCann has offered to perform for free. The event will be in the Bowling Club concert room which has also been donated for free and all the proceeds will be sent to Woodhouse Lane Play Area. This is a community play area. So far, donations include goal posts and a garden and the funds will be used to buy play equipment. Tickets will cost £8 and £10. Get yours early because they are expected to sell out.

Other events include tonight which will have a jam session with the Psycholinks. Usually, the International Party Doctors entertain on Friday nights and there is live music on Sundays by Mad Jack and the Hatters. Other artists who perform here include Luke Michael, Bootylicious, Georgia Farrar.

Lastly, they will have a quiz night hosted by Greg Wright on October 23rd. It will be a fund raiser to raise money to provide sanitation for Nepal’s earthquake disaster victims. Tickets only cost £1 and there will be fines for wrong answers. There will also be spot prizes

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3 Major Elements to Consider in Choosing Your London Caterer

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Looking for the best catering hir company in London? An excellent one will certainly be able to give you a delicious banquet served on delightfully decorated tables amid themed furniture and decors. What’s more, should you decide to hold the affair outdoors, you can always count on a good event catering company to provide durable, attractive-looking marquees of premium quality.

Whether you’re planning a corporate event or a birthday bash in London, what’s important is to keep in mind what would make your party memorable and what would leave a wonderful impact on your guests. With so many catering services available, you ought to pick out a reliable one that suits your particular event the most and can provide high quality food catering and catering supplies.

To help you limit your options, always consider these 4 major elements when going through the various catering companies London has to offer:

food in hot dishes1. Food

Some people say that if you don’t have a huge budget, make sure to scrimp on other party elements except on food. You have to ensure that there is enough for everyone and that the feast served is amazingly tasteful.

There are numerous restaurants in London as well as a range of party caterers that can definitely satisfy the taste buds of your guests. Why don’t you go for food tasting in order to try which one you feel will best be appreciated? If you will be having an outdoor event, make sure that the catering hire you pick has its own kitchen equipment.

caterer 2. Service

Another aspect that will enable your guests to relax and enjoy the great food as well as the entire event is the service. If you go through all the caterers London has to offer, you will find that a lot of them will be able to provide marquee hire, chair hire, and catering equipment hire along with good food.

However, some will stand out because of the service. This refers to how the representative attends to your specific needs and requests, what added perks are given, and also how the food servers will act during the party.

catering-theme3. Look

One of the elements that make any event unforgettable is the overall look of the place. Your chosen catering hir service plays a huge role in this, because a remarkable party catering company should be able to set up the venue with the right ambiance and appeal. From the kind of chair used and the centerpieces placed on tables to the actual marquees, furniture, and decor weaved together, London caterers will be able to make everything fall into the right place.

These elements should give you a better idea of which catering hire to go for. Whether you are after home catering, wedding catering, or office catering, remember to consider the above aspects to ensure a truly wonderful event.

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Reasons why you should hire catering services for your corporate event

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corporate catering

Corporate Party

Business owners or those tasked with planning corporate events usually have a hard time. Since it is the company’s image in question, you ought to do everything within your means to make sure that nothing but a positive impression gets displayed. One of the ways through which you can achieve that is by hiring professional catering service providers.

Take note, the service provider has to be professional as inexperienced caterers could ruin your day leading to achieving the opposite of what you expected to accomplish. Here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider catering hire during corporate event planning.

Positive impression: like stated earlier, catering gives a positive impression of the company. Whether you are hosting business partners or potential clients, a good meal is of critical importance. When they go home on a full stomach, they will most likely turn up for another business meeting if invited. It should not just be some meal, it has to be an expensive, high-quality one, and that is why catering hire works best. Satisfying clients’ wants is their job, and they are good at it.

time savingTime saving: as indicated above, planning for corporate events can be strenuous. Moreover, it consumes up a big chunk of time. For that reason, it would be best if you were to leave the catering bit of it to someone else especially so if they have prior experience, and it is their area if specialization. Remember you also might need Marquees if the event will be outdoor. Luckily, some caterers offer marquee hire as well as chair hire. As such, they provide furniture such as chairs and tables. Some even go to an extent of providing decorations, lighting, and any other required interiors. That way, you fulfil multiple needs with the help of one professional. Again, you will have more time on your plate to do more important things such as preparing the guest list and confirming who is coming and who is not.

Variety: catering services offer a variety of food as compared to what one would prepare for a large gathering. With proper guidance, they are even capable of preparing special diets for people with allergies or those following a strict diet. Therefore, it is upon you to deliver the right information, and the caterer will do their part tremendously well.

Experience: lastly, catering hire companies engage in catering all year round. As a result, they have a great wealth of knowledge on how to treat clients. It will be an added advantage if the company you hire has participated in corporate events in the past. That translates into guaranteed customer satisfaction, and that is what most event organizers are after for a continued relationship.

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Catering hire company

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catering tableIf you’re looking for different people to hire in order to make sure that your event has the best people working for you possible, it’s important not to forget the caterer. When it comes to catering, the key is to make sure you take your time figuring it out.

After all, there are a lot of considerations to keep in mind. For example, it’s a good idea to make sure that the catering hire company has enough experience to be able to handle your particular issue. You don’t want to risk that they are inexperienced because bad catering can really be a problem for your particular event. For example, if the marquees aren’t figured out properly, and if they don’t place the furniture such as chair units and tables correctly, you could really feel it later.

This is the truth when it comes to catering, overall: experience matters. Something as simple as not bringing enough chairs could really ruin an event. After all, people wouldn’t have anywhere to sit in this case and they would have to wait around until you try and figure out. That way, everything will work out in the best way possible for everyone.

Food choices

It’s also important that you find a caterer that actually listens to what you have to say about food choices. Depending on the event, you may not be able to tell them exactly what you want for every grain of rice that is put out. They may have to make some choices regarding your event, and in this case, you’ll really want to make sure that the caterer is listening to your point of view and what you have to say on the matter.

This can be double important in the case where people in your event have food allergies. Essentially, this turns into a matter of life or death. You really don’t want to have to spend extra time worrying about whether a caterer is actually listening to the fact that certain people in your party can’t have peanuts due to being allergic, for example. In this case, the event would turn out to be a real bust in every sense.

But, in a more generalized sense, it’s important to make sure that you locate a caterer that knows how to take your general preferences for food and find variations on it that will work for all parties, even beyond the individual dishes that are given to individual people.

caterers bufet

After all, it’s not as if that will be the only thing that they eat at the event. There are a lot of appetizers and drinks that go into it all as well. This is why finding a caterer that comes well recommended is such a key part of the whole affair. That way all of the interactions with the Marquees, marquee hire options and catering hir will work out.

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Offshore caterers voting up for a strike

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catering offshore

The catering workers on North Sea oil platforms are not too happy over their salary and recent pay modes; and have resolved to go the only way that resonates with the concerned firm and that is going on a strike action over the matter.
This has been an issue and Unite union mentions that the argument centers on the refusal of employers to honor the second year agreement of a two-year pay deal.

The union said it had also served the Catering Offshore Trade Association (COTA) with a constitutional 7 day notice for the ballot start date.
It specified earlier this year that it was withdrawing the second year of a two-year pay deal, worth 1.3%, in a bid to secure jobs.

And this strike as proposed will be made to run for 6 weeks and if there is no concrete favorable resolution, it may run further than that.
This is actually one of its kinds – as this offshore strike would be the first in a generation and would also have a noteworthy impact on the provision of catering on North Sea platforms.

Unite union says that the point blank rejection of the COTA employers to honor their pay contract has put them in a position where they have no other choice but to advance to a ceremonial industrial action ballot.

The Union says that despite the milieu of oil price instability and industry pressure, COTA employers’ profits still get into the billions and it is therefore unacceptable that the agreement – discussed in good faith – is now being disregarded.

This is a clarion call from the Union on all affected caterers to be a part of this strike action which is surely aimed at providing a win-win occasion at the end of the demonstration.

It is a peaceful demonstration showing the plight of caterers and a bid to ensure they are well respected and cared for. After all they are the ones feeding the team and without them, there won’t be energy or motivation to work.

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5 Reasons Why Catering Is Important

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Planning and organizing an event is never easy. There are numerous things you have to worry about and a lot of things to organize in order to have a successful celebration.  On top of everything, people have to worry about catering.  When you are organizing an event, the things which are most important part of the venue, catering and of course the music, or the entertainment.  I cannot emphasize how important catering is, namely due to the following creations.

  1. People Will Remember The Food

bg-outside-cateringEven though some people come for themselves that no one will even remember the food, and believe me when I tell you, people do remember the food.  Think about your own experiences for a while.  Do you remember and the weddings where the food was delicious?  Do you remember and those where the food was awful?  How much do you think the food added to your overall experience of these events?

  1. It Can Help You Leave A Good Impression

If you want to leave a good impression with your guests, make sure that you hire a catering service with impeccable records.  Not only that you will leave a good impression, but also your guess will have a great time.  And when it comes to celebrating, the most important thing is for everyone to be satisfied and happy.

  1. Health Issues

A good catering service will not get your health or your guests’ health in danger.  And this is of course immensely important.  If you hire a catering service which will give a food poisoning to your guests, not only that the celebration will not be remembered in the right way, but also you will feel awful.  Do not be stingy and save a couple of dollars on the expense of your health and your guests’ health.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Adding To Decoration

CateringA quality catering service will not only provide delicious food but also it will be presented in a decorative and unique way too.  In this way the catering service really adds to the decoration, and means the event even more pleasant.  A dedicated caterer can be a true artist and therefore it can be a true work of art.  That is why it is immensely important for you to find a good catering service and a dedicated caterer.

  1. Food Is Comforting

catering_smallWhen you think about it, food is very comforting.  Therefore, choosing the right caterer will help your guests to feel welcome.  The pleasant feeling which they have one tasting delicious food, they will transfer to their opinions about your event.  Of course, as a host everyone wants their guests to feel welcome, and warm and fuzzy around and in their stomachs.  What better way to achieve that than by offering them some delicious food?

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