New Caterers Join Sports Club

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Brighton Sports and Social Club recently announced that they have taken on new caterers, AD Catering services. The new caterers are led by Adele Daniels and Rob Newbould both of whom have a lot of experience in catering. They started working for the team in August 2015 and so far they have received excellent reviews.

the party venue at russel way
In addition to hiring new caterers the club has also rebranded what was formerly known as the Function Room. It is now known as the Party Venue at Russell Way and it will be catering for all kinds of events including weddings, corporate events, parties and dinners. The venue already has several bookings for the last few months of the year and Adele expects that they will be rather busy. In late October they will be hosting the ‘70’s band Never Too Late and all are welcome to come and see them play. A ticket is only £8 and you can expect to enjoy a hot supper provided by Adele’s catering team.

There will also be a big event on Bonfire Night and if you want to attend, you should get your tickets in advance – the event is quite popular and it is expected that there will be a rush for the tickets. The event on 28th of November is also expected to attract many people – the soul duo Ultimate Voices will be performing. On New Year’s Eve you can expect to be entertained by one of the best party bands, The Void. You can find more details about these events in the Brighthouse Echo in the early weeks of November. For those who want to buy tickets in advance, there are still some available in the club.

As you can see, the Party Venue at Russell Way is rather booked but there are still dates available, according to Adele. In order to accommodate more parties, the venue will be putting similar corporate parties in one room.

You can find out more by calling Adele on 07432156335

This Friday, the club will be hosting a tribute to Holly Murs. James McCann has offered to perform for free. The event will be in the Bowling Club concert room which has also been donated for free and all the proceeds will be sent to Woodhouse Lane Play Area. This is a community play area. So far, donations include goal posts and a garden and the funds will be used to buy play equipment. Tickets will cost £8 and £10. Get yours early because they are expected to sell out.

Other events include tonight which will have a jam session with the Psycholinks. Usually, the International Party Doctors entertain on Friday nights and there is live music on Sundays by Mad Jack and the Hatters. Other artists who perform here include Luke Michael, Bootylicious, Georgia Farrar.

Lastly, they will have a quiz night hosted by Greg Wright on October 23rd. It will be a fund raiser to raise money to provide sanitation for Nepal’s earthquake disaster victims. Tickets only cost £1 and there will be fines for wrong answers. There will also be spot prizes