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Offshore caterers voting up for a strike

Posted by on Sep 7, 2015 in Caterers, Catering, Catering news, Catering Trade, Catering workers | Comments Off on Offshore caterers voting up for a strike

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The catering workers on North Sea oil platforms are not too happy over their salary and recent pay modes; and have resolved to go the only way that resonates with the concerned firm and that is going on a strike action over the matter.
This has been an issue and Unite union mentions that the argument centers on the refusal of employers to honor the second year agreement of a two-year pay deal.

The union said it had also served the Catering Offshore Trade Association (COTA) with a constitutional 7 day notice for the ballot start date.
It specified earlier this year that it was withdrawing the second year of a two-year pay deal, worth 1.3%, in a bid to secure jobs.

And this strike as proposed will be made to run for 6 weeks and if there is no concrete favorable resolution, it may run further than that.
This is actually one of its kinds – as this offshore strike would be the first in a generation and would also have a noteworthy impact on the provision of catering on North Sea platforms.

Unite union says that the point blank rejection of the COTA employers to honor their pay contract has put them in a position where they have no other choice but to advance to a ceremonial industrial action ballot.

The Union says that despite the milieu of oil price instability and industry pressure, COTA employers’ profits still get into the billions and it is therefore unacceptable that the agreement – discussed in good faith – is now being disregarded.

This is a clarion call from the Union on all affected caterers to be a part of this strike action which is surely aimed at providing a win-win occasion at the end of the demonstration.

It is a peaceful demonstration showing the plight of caterers and a bid to ensure they are well respected and cared for. After all they are the ones feeding the team and without them, there won’t be energy or motivation to work.

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